Why power flush your heating system?

Power flushing can increase the heat that comes from your radiators by between 50 and 90%. It can reduce your gas bill by up to 70%.

Power flushing removes 99% of sludge and rust from your central heating. system. It de-scales your boiler, reducing your gas bill with instant effect. Your radiators will warm up faster than ever and your boiler will be far more economical. This will save you hundreds of pounds over the year in gas. A power flush can be done in just one home visit from Cleaner Heat UK.

A build up of corrosion in your system can create a sludge that really affects the efficiency of your boiler. This one-off deep clean makes sure your radiators heat up properly and there are no more cold spots. This helps to increase the life of the whole system, keeps heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Does my boiler need to power flush?

The signs that your central heating system may benefit from power flushing include :-

  • Your radiators are completely or partly cold

  • Your radiators need frequent bleeding

  • Your radiators are leaking

  • Your pump is failing due to a build up of corrosion deposits

  • You have a noisy boiler

  • Your cold feed pipe is blocked due to corrosion or scale deposits

We also use power flushing when new boilers are installed to ensure that your central heating system is clean, and to comply with the boiler’s warranty. This means that you start saving money instantly once your new boiler is installed.

How much does a power flush cost?

Cleaner Heat UK can carry out your power flush in less than a day from £250 – please get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

How long does it take? Will there be any mess?

A power flush is usually completed in under a day, there is no mess and everything will be left clean and tidy, exactly as our engineers found it.

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